Here’s a beauty tip you can easily do at home in less than 10 minutes! Warning : This can get messy, and red clay powder can stain any porous surface or fabric. Make sure to work near a sink and prepare everything you need before you begin.

Red & Green Clay Mask

Clay is amazing. It comes from the earth, it contains minerals and has been used for centuries with positive affect on conditions ranging from constipation to detoxification to skin imbalances. It can be used internally and externally with a little research, caution and common sense. What makes clay special to me is it has (here comes the chemistry nerd in me) unsatisfied ionic bonds right at the edges of its mineral particles. Containing negatively charged ions, clay seeks to complete those negative ionic bonds with positively charged ions – like impurities from makeup and the daily exposure to the world of environmental toxins.

When choosing a clay to use topically, do your research. Not all clay varieties are alike. Some are better for internal applications and some are better for external applications. And the differences don’t stop there. There are clay powder products for your pets, there are different micron sizes, and some clay are used for clarifying home brewed beer and wine.

Every few weeks or so, I like to give my face a natural lift and deep cleanse by making this simple mask. I have dry skin, and clay has worked well for me over the years – giving my skin a reset of sorts. Since the skin is the largest organ of elimination, acts as our first barrier to pathogens and other part per million good or bad things floating around in the air, it’s a good practice to show your skin some love every now and again. PLUS, this is way cheaper than paying for a facial at a spa (but sometimes it’s worth it), it’s cheaper than buying a pre-made one at the health food store that can spoil, and once you buy clay powder it will not go bad if it is stored properly and it will last you quite a while. So when you have the powder, you can make a mask when you need or want one without much waste. Here are the four steps.

STEP ONE : In a glass container, simply mix one teaspoon of red clay powder (I used Moroccan Red Clay) and one teaspoon of green clay powder (I used zeolite clay which I also use internally) with warm water.

STEP TWO : Once mixed, use your forefinger and your middle finger together to smooth the wet clay mix all over your face and neck, near your hairline and also avoiding the lips and the skin above and below the eyes.

STEP THREE : Allow the clay to dry on your face for about 5 – 7 minutes. The clay will get lighter as it dries and will get flaky and make your face feel tight. Be careful not to laugh…you might crack your face! Just kidding…but your face will feel tight, so save the laughs for later.

STEP FOUR : Finally, rinse off the clay completely with warm water first. Then you can use a moistened hot cloth to get any extra clay (usually near the neck, hairline, nostrils and ears) off your face. Then follow with your regular cleanse, tone and moisturizing ritual. Shine on!


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January 29, 2014