Figs have been cultivated for thousands of years and they are native to the Middle East and the western part of Asia. A curious Fig Fun Fact I discovered forced me to pose this question to myself…”Would you still eat them if you knew they contained the carcass of a female wasp?”
No need to even consider that question because the answer is undeniably, yes! Maybe that grosses you out, but every fig, even these beautiful candy striped figs, must be pollinated by female wasps that have to crawl inside the fruit and do what it's meant to do!
There are several major varieties of figs including black mission figs, Calmyrna figs and these beauties!

More than $32M in fresh and dried figs were exported out of the US in 2014, with California responsible for 98% of fig production in the US.

They're packed with calcium, potassium and fiber...and of course, all those little crunchy seeds inside...or maybe those are wasp remains? Who knows....

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April 30, 2016