So…How many times did you poop today?

I know we barely know each other, but it’s a question you should be asking yourself everyday. Depending on your lifestyle and eating habits, if you haven't gone at least once a day then your pipes could be backed up. It’s reasonable to think that after a few weeks of holiday indulgences that your intestines would be feeling sluggish…gassy, even. Backed up waste in the intestinal tract and colon can not only cause constipation and gas, but it can compromise your body’s ability to produce white blood cells and assimilate nutrients, ultimately wasting the vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids and proteins you are consuming. Next thing you know, your gut is out of balance. And that stinks.
DIY Probiotics
But don’t fret. Probiotics to the rescue! These friendly living microorganisms, (aka acidophilus, lactobacillus and bifidobacterium) are found in all fermented foods that have not been exposed to heat above 122°F. All fermented foods must be started with a Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY) and are really amazing and fun to experiment with to boost the nutritional impact of the seasons harvest. You do have to use caution...these are bacteria after all.

Probiotics are essential to maintaining intestinal health, can help reduce adrenal fatigue (caused by stress which most of us have daily) and they provide naturally occurring enzymes and amino acids to not only boost your immunity but boost your libido too. (Win/Win) All probiotics are rich in B vitamins (B6, B12) vitamin D, and the co-enzyme Boitin (aka Vitamin H) – which is responsible for the electrical activity of the Heart.

Now there are a few things you should know about probiotics and the video below does a great job explaining exactly what to look for when you need to find the right probiotic for you and your family.

So, as we approach the “Season of Love”, let’s show some love to our gut and do what we can to stay healthy during cold and flu season. If you're a DIY kinda person like me, and you're ready to get the gunk out you may want to try the best detox ever! I mean, what better way to spend 5 days of your life than preparing your body for yourself and for your lover...Because nothing kills sweet romance like bad gas.

Now in probiotic speak, there are Room Temperature Strains which are safe at room temperature and are great for traveling or keeping at the office. My favorite RTS probiotic is Eden Organic’s Bifa 15, but the company seems to be out of stock lately. So here are a few other probiotics that might work for you, just do your research. There are also living and refrigerated probiotic products, which I prefer…as long as they are not pasteurized. Make sure to read the labels and find a probiotic that works for you and your family. Here are some of my favorite probiotic beverages you can use everyday!

Kefir & Yogurt : If you’re lactose intolerant, you might do better with kombucha or coconut water kefir which you can find relatively easy at the “big box” health food stores. Both kefir and yogurt contain enzymes, amino acids and promote a healthy gut. You can find these items in the dairy or refrigerated section of your health food store. Now, you can make both of these items at home too, so feel free to buy a scoby locally or online and try it yourself. And though you'll save money, cultivating fermented foods takes time and careful conditions. So, do your research.

Kombucha : This raw, fermented probiotic drink is commonly brewed from black and green tea, cane sugar, the scoby and time. It is dairy-free, can taste “vinegary” and can contain alcohol content, so read the labels and find a flavor that works for you. Kombucha is a non-dairy alternative to milk kefir and yogurt and is naturally effervescent. You can find kombucha at most health food stores - Kombucha is THE rockstar of raw fermented foods that is convenient and nutritious.
There are many other probiotic foods you can eat including raw fermented salsa, raw sauerkraut and rejuvelac. You can choose one that fits your lifestyle and one that can be seamlessly integrated into your meal plan every day. All in all, keeping healthy can be easy if you first get some of that toxic sludge that’s been accumulating inside your body out and probiotics have just the right combination of vitamins, minerals and bacteria to help jumpstart your body and get back to balance. These easy to find and prepare foods will help restore your health, and you’ll likely have more energy at the office AND in the bedroom!

Just remember to always consult your doctor for medical advice before you make any dietary changes.

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